Awesome! How To Build a Web Startup

I found an absolutely outstanding post in Steve Blank’s blog, very helpful for any new web entrepreneur. Believe me.

Moreover, this post is aimed at entrepreneurs, but its approach is useful for any field.

It would’ve been very helpful at a conference I attended last Thursday, for instance. It was supposed to teach LinkedIn, but we ended up talking about many tools and most people left the building thinking they’ll never catch up.

One person asked how to choose tools with criterion since you need to know them first and you can’t invest the time. Well, I think an answer with the following approach would have been a good one:

First ingredient: the logical process

How To Build a Web Startup – The Lean LaunchPad Edition

Here’s the step-by-step process we suggest our students use in our Lean LaunchPad classes.

  1. Set up the logistics to manage your team
  2. Craft company hypotheses
  3. Write a value proposition statement that other people understand
  4. Set up the Website Logistics
  5. Build a “low-fidelity” web site
  6. Get customers to the site
  7. Add the backend code to make the site work
  8. Test the “problem” with customer data
  9. Test the “solution” by building the “high-fidelity” website
  10. Ask for money

Second ingredient: a set of tools to help you at every step.

(Use the Startup Tools Page as the resource for tool choices)

Method: match tools and process steps

Find it on Steve Blank’s post.

This is real value added.

I know what you’re thinking, many of these tools can be used for much more than that. While this is true, the reality is, overfloading people with a bunch of tools with no clear purpose is of no help, it’s rubbish.

via How To Build a Web Startup – Lean LaunchPad Edition « Steve Blank.

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