• Probably my favorite feature is the ability to click on any data point on any graph to immediately see a report of everything that happened that day.

For example, I was looking at the daily number of removed fans for my page, and I noticed a spike on a particular day. I clicked on the spike and PageLever showed me a report of everything that happened that day, including where the fans left. They all left via the newsfeed, which suggested to me that I posted too often that day. Sure enough, that same report showed that I’d posted four times that day. Lesson learned.

The speed with which PageLever allowed me to focus in on the spike allowed me to quickly shift from “What happened?” to “Why did it happen?”

  • My second favorite feature is seeing how long my posts last in the Facebook newsfeed.

PageLever recently ran a preliminary survey of 20 status updates from five pages that had more than 2 million fans and found the average post lifetime was 22 hours, 51 minutes.

  • I appreciate that they give suggestions for what works.

For example, the service tells me that instead of simple status posts, I should ask more open-ended questions. It is easy to dive deeper into which post types are working for you–that is, which receive the highest engagement–so you can post more of that kind of content.

via Sophisticated Facebook Analytics with PageLever.

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