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The reason we liked Google was it whisked us on our way to where we needed to go. Now, they’re doing what the old search engines used to do, clutching us ever-closer. They’re even sucking off-site content into their site. Google is becoming as much of a silo as Facebook is. Only it’s happening slowly.

via Scripting News: Google needs a Google.

Fever is a feed reader designed and built by Shaun Inman, the developer behind the popular Mint web traffic analytics product. Like Mint, Fever is $30 (USD) and runs on your server — a ballsy proposition in an age of free software running in the proverbial “cloud”. It is unapologetically for power users.

Fever’s proposition is straightforward: supply it with the feeds you always want to read, and supplement those with feeds that you only want to read the juicy bits of.

via Alex Payne — Fever and the Future of Feed Readers.

¿Cambio de rumbo en Andalucía y Extremadura? | Software Libre y Cooperación

Muy malas noticias… parecen increíbles… ¿nos hemos vuelto todos locos?

En el caso de Extremadura: El Gobierno de Extremadura abandonará el Software Libre .

Con la que está cayendo, ¿se puede Andalucía plantear abandonar el apoyo a la industria regional y gastar 100 millones de euros en pagarle a la multinacional alemana? ¿Será este el principio del fin? Sería pasar de un ahorro de más de 250 millones de euros al despilfarro de más de 100 millones y abandonar las tesis progresistas de apuesta por la ciudadanía tecnológica, del crecimiento basado en la innovación y la creación, de la formación en valores sociales de compartir y analizar,…

via ¿Cambio de rumbo en Andalucía y Extremadura? | Software Libre y Cooperación.

Brazen Careerist

1. Pretend you have an out.
Sometimes I have to calm myself down by telling myself I’ll solve my money problems by taking a regular job. One fantasy I have is getting a job at Microsoft. Once I was giving a speech at a human resource convention in Seattle. And a top HR guy from Microsoft was there. And he wanted to talk to me.

2. Forget living in the moment. Instead, live five months in the future.
Your clients will take too long to make a decision, no matter how long they take, and they will never pay immediately. So instead of fighting the lag-time, you should always be earning money for five months out. If you are spending your days trying to drum up business to get revenue five months from now, you feel safe, knowing that it’s not an emergency. Any closer than that and you feel like if you don’t close you’re gonna die.

3. The only way to feel rich is to be able to dump an awful client.
Thinking five months out frees you to dump a client, and it’s so so fun to dump a client who misbehaves. It’s a way to assert your power as a freelancer even though you have no power because if you don’t get money you’ll starve and have to get a staff job somewhere (and you probably can’t – because most self-employed people are largely unmanageable in a corporate hierarchy).

4. Have one great client.
You need a lot of schemes. You have to always be pitching different people different stuff because you don’t know what’ll stick. But you really need one client that is great, and pays on time, and makes you love doing your job. That client gives you sanity.

5. Self-employment stability requires doing stuff you hate.
Be a grown-up. Self-employed doesn’t mean you love everything you do. I have done stuff to appease editors that drove me crazy. I have given speeches to groups of people that were all at the conference with the sole purpose of cheating on their wives. I do lots of stuff I don’t like. I remind myself that I do it so that I can have a job that I pretty much love.

via Finance Tips for the Self-Employed.

NewsBlur, alternativa a Google Reader

NewsBlur, una excelente alternativa a Google Reader que filtra los posts más relevantes.

Tras el anuncio de Google de que a partir de la semana que viene va a remodelar el servicio de Google Reader y dejarán de funcionar las características de compartición interna, estoy buscando alternativas a este servicio. Parece que tiene buena pinta NewsBlur, al menos tal como lo presenta GenBeta en el enlace anterior.

Ya sé que es precipitado y que hay que ver aún la implementación y probar la nueva versión. Pero la verdad es que no espero mucho tras leer el post de Google en que anuncia los cambios en Reader y encuentro frases como ésta:

 We recognize, however, that some of you may feel like the product is no longer for you.