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So Bad –

  • So Bad the New York Times said “Catalonia, like the Basque region, remains fiercely independent” when it’s not true. Catalonia is not independent.
  • Last, but not least, too bad that our governments don’t tell us the truth.

As Spain Trims Deficits, Scrutiny Falls on Regional Governments –

How Carrier IQ Could Have Avoided Its Dumbest Move | TechCrunch

Now consider an alternative scenario. Instead of choosing hubris and stonewalling, Carrier IQ could have chosen transparency. They could have attacked the problem by enlisting Eckhart as a partner rather than casting him as an enemy. Instead of sending lawyers and PR flaks, Carrier IQ could have simply invited Eckhart, even paid Eckhart, to come to their offices and help them understand what he saw and how, if necessary, they should fix it. They could have called the EFF and asked for advice on an independent privacy audit. If they truly believed that their software does no evil as their press releases say, they could have very easily opened up the doors to prove it. If there are actual privacy violations due to poor implementations or non-malicious mistakes, they should be looking for all the help they can get, including Eckharts, in discovering and fixing those errors.


The lesson in this mess is: openness wins. When someone points out your flaws, or your company’s flaws, that someone is your best friend, not your enemy. CarrierIQ made this a story by attacking the messenger not the problem, and in doing so created countless more problems for themselves. Learn from their hubris.

via How Carrier IQ Could Have Avoided Its Dumbest Move | TechCrunch.

Facebook Timeline: How to Enable it With One Click

Easy Method, No Editing:

  • Click “Get Timeline.” There. It’s enabled, but not published yet.
  • Click “Publish Now.” You’re done.

Still Easy, Edit Before Anyone Sees It:

  • 1. Be sure you’re logged into your Facebook account.
  • 3. Click on “Get Timeline.”
  • 4. Scroll down on your timeline and edit or remove any items you don’t want shown. Do that by holding your cursor over the upper right of the item you want to edit, and then make your choice on the drop-down list.
  • 5. From that list you can change the date of the item, add a location, hide it from the timeline, delete the post altogether, or report it/mark it as spam.
  • 6. If you’d like to “feature” any of the posts, click on the star icon to the left of that pencil icon, and that item will be expanded all the way across the page, made larger for all your friends to see.
  • 7. Once you’re satisfied with all the edits you’ve made, either go back to the top of the Timeline and click “Publish Now,” or do nothing and it’ll be automatically published on December 22.

via Facebook Timeline: How to Enable it With One Click [Mashable].

Twitter Launches Major Redesign On All Platforms And Clients [Make Use Of]

So what do these new tabs include?

  • Home: An improved version of your regular feed. It now includes photos and videos directly embedded in tweets, makes it easier to access more options and is consistent across all your devices.
  • Connect: From here you can see all mentions and interactions. You can easily follow conversations and see who tweeted anything that is related to you, and thus follow your Twitter impact.
  • Discover: This is a stream of subjects which is curated according to your interests. This is also where you can search for specific subjects you’re interested in, find new people to follow and more.
  • Me: The new Twitter profile page. It now includes all your content such as photos and videos, it is where you can track your DMs and easily access you lists, people you follow, people who follow you, etc.



via Twitter Launches Major Redesign On All Platforms And Clients [News from Make Use Of].


cc pictureshots

El documento agrega que aun cuando actualmente la piratería es masiva, la industria del entretenimiento no necesariamente está perdiendo dinero. Según el documento, un tercio de los suizos de más de 15 años descarga contenidos desde internet. Sin embargo, estas personas no gastan menos dinero como consecuencia, porque su presupuesto destinado a entretenimiento es bastante constante. Esto significa que las descargas son, en la mayoría de los casos, complementarias.

via Suiza determina que descargar películas y música no daña a las empresas, y es legal – FayerWayer.