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El Índice de la Miseria >>


FOCUS : Economía FECHA : 13/01/2012

De los muchos indicadores económicos que se barajan para comprender la actual crisis sistémica, hay uno del que apenas se habla, quizás por las tristes connotaciones que expresa su propio código. Es el “índice de la miseria”.

Introducido en los años 60 del siglo pasado por el economista Arthur Okun, que fue asesor del presidente Lyndon Johnson, el índice se calcula sumando dos variables: la tasa de desempleo y la inflación. El índice se fundamenta en la lógica de que una elevada tasa de desempleo, acompañada de una creciente inflación con su impacto sobre los precios perjudica a las clases más pobres de la población.

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How Carrier IQ Could Have Avoided Its Dumbest Move | TechCrunch

Now consider an alternative scenario. Instead of choosing hubris and stonewalling, Carrier IQ could have chosen transparency. They could have attacked the problem by enlisting Eckhart as a partner rather than casting him as an enemy. Instead of sending lawyers and PR flaks, Carrier IQ could have simply invited Eckhart, even paid Eckhart, to come to their offices and help them understand what he saw and how, if necessary, they should fix it. They could have called the EFF and asked for advice on an independent privacy audit. If they truly believed that their software does no evil as their press releases say, they could have very easily opened up the doors to prove it. If there are actual privacy violations due to poor implementations or non-malicious mistakes, they should be looking for all the help they can get, including Eckharts, in discovering and fixing those errors.


The lesson in this mess is: openness wins. When someone points out your flaws, or your company’s flaws, that someone is your best friend, not your enemy. CarrierIQ made this a story by attacking the messenger not the problem, and in doing so created countless more problems for themselves. Learn from their hubris.

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We’re hearing that Walmart Labs, the e-commerce arm of the American retail giant, has acquired a Sydney, Australia-based startup called Grabble, which makes point-of-sale technology that ties in with consumers’ mobile phones.


Walmart is known to have established its lead in the brick-and-mortar retail space by investing in cutting-edge technology to manage its warehouses, so the Grabble deal is evidence that it’s committing to bringing 21st-century tech to the front of the house as well.

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Impacto de la innovación educativa dependiendo del color del cristal con que se mira. « Innovación Educativa

En la aplicación de programas de gestión de conocimiento en las organizaciones, se dice que la mejora debe afectar a la organización, a sus trabajadores y a sus clientes. Aplicando esta condición a la innovación educativa, ésta tendría que afectar a:

  • La organización (la universidad)
  • Los trabajadores (los profesores)
  • Los clientes (los alumnos)

Puntos de vista de los gestores, profesores y alumnos en el post original.

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